COVID-19 prevention

You must use mask

You must use gloves

Keep social distance

Wash your hands

Surfaces sanitized

Hands sanitized

Stay at home as much as possible

Call the hospital services if the symptoms appear

Use official information

Other mesures

External Mesures

– Reduced groups.
– Social distance.
– Support to the theorical formation using our online modules.
– Prior appointment.
– Overall temperature control.
– Compulsory use of gloves and mask.
– Antibiotic gel.
– Individual use of the machinery.
– Disinfection protocol to the practices and teaching rooms.

Internal Mesures

– Provision of epis to our educators.
– Concret COVID-19 formation in order to prevent infections from the mutua .
– Working at home and new shifts to our employees.
– Analysis of the critical control points about our facilities and modification of the cleaning protocol.